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Accès au site fran?ais

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Recently Registered French Companies


    Laboratoire PYC is a French contract-manufacturer of food supplements and high protein products. For more than 30 years, Laboratoire PYC has been a key partner in the tailor-made [...]

  • Neotec Developpement

    RAILWAY SECTOR Mechanical lorries eqquiped with scissors platform and/or lifting baskets. Rail road/off road vehicles and trucks. 20' tooling modules with scissors platforms,lifting [...]


    The Louis de Grenelle House has been elaborating fine sparkling wines AOC Saumur and AOC Crémant de Loire by traditional method for over 150 years. As the last independent and family [...]

  • Creartlive

    www.creartlive-shop.com Creator designer 3D graphic Internet sales site artistic creations paintings made in acrylic glass and luxury decor mirrors with digital printing


    MAS GABINELE is an 20 ha vineyard located in the heart of the Faugères appellation in Languedoc-Roussillon. The soil is made of sandstone-schist. It’s very poor and therefore provides [...]


    Founded in 1990, id3 designs and produces high security innovative products for Identification, E-government applications, Physical and logical security, Traceability, Logistic. id3 [...]












Business France contributes to the development and success of French and foreign businesses wishing to expand abroad by supporting them throughout the lifetime of their projects, and is driven by an efficient, result-oriented working culture. > Read more


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